Sending crash reports

If the app is crashing for you, I may ask you to send in a crash report. These are generated automatically when you see this window:

Crash Window

To get the crash report file, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Console app (/Applications/Utilities/
  2. In the Log List (on the left side of the window), expand User Diagnostic Reports
  3. Find any crashes that start with "Comickaze" Console Window
  4. Right-click on a crash report, and select Reveal in Finder
  5. That opens a Finder window with all your crash reports (they end with the .crash extension) Crash Reports
  6. You can drag the ones beginning with "Comickaze" into a support email ([email protected]), which makes it a lot easier for me to fix the bug

If you still have any questions, send me an email