Afterglo Release Notes


released on 4/10/2016

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed visual display bug


released on 1/11/2016


  • Improved boot-knocking animation, making it more realistic
  • The animation (or confirmation prompt, if VoiceOver is active) now only occurs after confirming a successful write to the Health app
  • The boot animation now only shows after Health permission has been granted
  • Made a cold launch look less jarring

Bugs Fixed

  • The app title would sometimes display too small
  • Fixed visual display bug


released on 11/12/2015


  • Afterglo now fully supports VoiceOver. If anyone has any other accessibility requests, I'd love to hear them!

Bugs Fixed

  • Sometimes, Afterglo wouldn't remember the last value chosen for Protection Used


released on 10/27/2015

New Features

  • ♫ Happy birthday to me ♪